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Party Crashing AT&T and the Blue Dogs: The Best Government Money Can Buy

2793874065_fd20bc4453.thumbnail.jpgLast night I was at a party with Matt Stoller when he found a notice in the paper announcing a party that AT&T was having that night for the Blue Dogs. 

Glenn Greenwald  instantly became a man with a mission:  he wanted to go interview the guests and see how they felt about their telecom hosts and the retroactive immunity delivered to them by the Blue Dogs, at bargain basement prices.

We had no invitation, but nobody really cared.

So Christy, Pach, John Amato, Egregious, Ian Welsh, Dave Neiwert and Stoller headed for the party.  Using my HarrietCam flip video, I was Glenn’s videographer as he asked one guest after another why they were there and what their connection to AT&T and the Blue Dogs was.

It was remarkable.   I’ve never seen anything like it, really.  Glenn would announce that he was from, ask them if they would be interviewed about the party, and nobody wanted to say who they were or even acknowledge that they knew what the party was about.

Almost every single person we talked with had the good sense to be ashamed of being there, but that didn’t stop them from going in.

We’ll try to have the video up soon and try to identify as many guests as we can.  If they’re eating AT&T’s cocktail weenies, they shouldn’t be afraid to let their telecom flag fly.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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