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Live Blogging the DNC LGBT Caucus at Mile-high Political Views

I send my best to my fellow Baristas, Autumn, Pam, Russ, and Terrance I also have to let our readers know of other resources.  While I would like for the Blend to be everyone's one-stop-source for DNC Coverage, Politics, and LGBT news, it's also important to help out those other blogs that help us all out as a whole.  To this I bring you Mile-High Political Views, a blog out of Denver specifically for LGBT coverage of the DNC, that is covering the first LGBT Caucus meeting as we speak. 

Don't stray too far and too long away because I believe Autumn is attending this now and will have her own take on the events later.  Also be sure to be here at 8:00pm ET for the CoverItLive forum moderated by the oh so lovely Julien Sharp.

UPDATE:  Also check out the blog of Bob Brageran American citizen, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and elected by Democrats Abroad as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention” who also happens to be a friend of Dorothy.

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