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Keeping the Home Front

Hi Blenders –

I will be covering the blog on the “home front” from my place in Miami Beach this week while the team provides you the best coverage around of the goings on out in Denver. I will be monitoring the Tips line and getting as many things up from that as I can to free up Pam and the others to focus their energies on the convention. We will have some Open Threads here and there to allow folks to put tips on as well. 

There's going to be over 15,000 journalists alone, plus thousands of people who are just heading there for the event itself. Going to be a wild ride, and I am honored to be a part of this exciting blog team.

I would also like to second Radical Russ – thank you to all the Blenders for your amazing support of our team during this week. 

All of us – bloggers and Blenders – are united in our push for change!


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Julien Sharp

Julien Sharp