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Denver: Let the Madness Begin

Spent yesterday in Denver hanging out with Denver native Jeralyn from TalkLeft.  We went to pick up media credentials at Elitches, which I assumed would be some discreet restaurant with teeny appetizers, and by the time Jeralyn said the words "Six Flags" it was too late to turn around.

Our stay there was mercifully short and we picked up Anita Thompson (Hunter’s widow) and pushed on to the Salon party, which was held in a lovely condo that Jeralyn  said was the Compton of Denver.  Glenn Greenwald and Joan Walsh were amongst the Salonistas who were staying there, and the place was full of familiar faces — Atrios, Tom Tomorrow,  Rachel Sklar, Jeff Toobin, Kay Steiger, Walter Shapiro, Tom Schaller, Eric Alterman, Jeffrey Toobin and a bunch of others. 

Joe Klein was there and I thought about going up to him and telling him I liked many of his recent McCain critiques but then I realized I’d probably have to tell him we were having dinner together on Sept. 8th and it might ruin his night.  John Amato, Ezra Klein and I recalled that we first met each other (and Arianna) at a party at SteveAudio’s in the San Gabriel valley some time in 2005.  Everyone was lukewarm on Biden, but agreed there was something to be said for a guy who united behind a rallying cry of "at least it’s not…"

At one point this guy walked up to us and asked where the beer was.   He had long sideburns and looked kind of like a late 70’s porn star.  Or a relief pitcher in the American League (as Amato quipped).  It took me a second to realize it was DANGERSTEIN.

I wasn’t there later on when Amato told him that if he was going to keep calling himself a Democratic consultant, he was going to have to condemn Joe Lieberman.

Good times.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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