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Comments from ‘Principal Outs High School Student’

Recently on the Blend there was a post called Principal Outs High School Student, ACLU steps in and Wins Please read it if you haven’t already. I also gave my comment on the original story. Well, I just went back to it because it’s one of those articles you find hard to forget, and much to my surprise there were 14 responses to my comment. This story really touched my heart, so I wanted to share with you the replies, some good, some not so good. It has taken me many years to have the balls to tell someone to f*ck off when they disrespected me for who I am, but when I was a kid, I was very timid, shy. I can’t imagine going to my principal for help and being punished for it. That will leave in indelible mark on a child forever. David Davis is a shame of a man. This school has more to learn than they can teach.  

My comment was

This whole town needs to go through sensitivity training. Intolerance will never lead to anything good. Why can’t churchy folk stop hating other people? Let your God judge, not you! The haters here need to work on themselves, and let others live their lives in America, home of the free. Free. FREE. Unless, of course, these ‘Christians’ are already perfect. Are you? ARE YOU PERFECT??? No? oh…then until you are, learn tolerance or move to another country. Really, we would all be better off if those who hate would just leave. “Learn how to love thy neighbor, if that’s not too much to ask”, said God.

Response #1

   This whole town needs to go through sensitivity training.

I know, right? Ardena got yell at, at the Wal-Mart. They probably need fashion training too.


I think you’ve got it backwards, JJ.

Christians know that we aren’t perfect, but look who’s going around saying that everyone’s perfect no matter what they do? That would be the ACLU. Okay, I’m being sarcastic — they wouldn’t say that everyone can do anything no matter what.

But I will point out that you’re also backwards about the Christians being the haters. I see much more intolerance from the Atheists towards Christians than the other way around. If I really hated atheists so much, I’d ignore them and let them die with no chance of salvation.

Do you really know any Christians, or do you and a bunch of other atheists just get around to complain and criticize what you’re certain are Christians’ motivations, because that’s how you feel?3

It appears that you have it backwards IndyTX. Atheists don’t bomb medical clinics, picket at funerals, shoot doctors, deny prescription medication, physically attack those that don’t believe in what they do (or don’t believe in).


I am appalled that the principal was reprimanded in anyway for disapproving of the student’s lifestyle. For him to have known she was homosexual, she would have had to have given it away somehow: a gesture, something said, gay pride apparel, etc. While he might have gone too far with lifting the student’s shirts up and should have been punished for this, I give him kudos for saying what was on his mind. This country is in a moral decline because Christians refuse to speak up for the word of God. We allow legally recognized abortions, an over the counter “abortion pill”, and now gay marriage. I myself am bisexual (this is to attracted to both sexes), and I will attest that this is not due to choice, but it is my choice to control my impulses because it is WRONG. God did say “love the sinner, not the sin,” but He did not say “Just sit there and watch as my laws are broken because it is socially reprehensible to speak out against a sin committed.” God created one man and one woman to marry and be one flesh. Not two men or two women, but one man and one woman. I suppose I am one of those “Bible Thumpers:” I WILL NOT sell a Plan B pill, I DO NOT support abortion, and I WILL NEVER accept gay marriage. We need to get God back into schools and stop preaching “tolerance.” We Christians cannot even pray in a public school anymore because we might offend someone else, and this is not the way it should be. I think that everyone needs to give the Book of Revelation a good look. And why do we need to have a separation of church and state? Afraid your children may be learning the truth within the Bible? By the way, the division of church and state referred to the church having all control over everything that would happen in governmental actions. It has absolutely nothing to do with keeping Christ out of schools.


Ummm lets stop and take a look at what religion has done to people.. religion is a cult. it is used to control people and there lives and how they choose to live. Christans are against every thing b/c of GOD which makes God a two faced lier b/c i do believe the story says the Jesus died on the cross for our sin and that god is an all knowing all forgiving god and remember the rainbow after the great flood with Noah?. oh wait one more god has a plan and everything happens for a reason… by that ideal from the bible gays are gay b/c he made em so why would he hate em??? the bible doesn’t add up just stop and read it from an objective non religious viewpoint and you will see that. If god hated it he wouldn’t make it and if he does anyway that would make him a cruel S.O.B. for setting people up to fail and go to hell. I just started my freshman year of college and im glad i never had to sit through a single prayer if that is the god you want to live under you can keep him but don’t try to force him on the rest of the country that decided not to be a damn sheep. why would you follow a god that according to your actions and words teaches hate and intolerance? hell that makes you no better than the Muslim extremists on the other side of the world…. Good luck on your next holy war / crusade…

As for the principle… the anti gay is discrimination the lifting up the shirts is sexual harassment and the banning of gay pride is a violation of the first amendment. he should be barred from teaching and serve sometime in prison locked in the shower room the whole time.


BunnyHunter, You cited an excellent point! One shouldn’t follow God based necessarily on someones actions or words because they are from Humans, which are imperfect and make mistakes! One should learn for themselves what God is about and ask him to reveal himself as to what he wants from his followers. God doesn’t want sheep, he wants free thinkers!


   I see much more intolerance from the Atheists towards Christians than the other way around.

I see it equally. I also see rampant intolerance of Pagans against Christians, Christians against Pagans, Muslims against Christians and Jews, Christians against Muslims and Jews, Atheists against Pagans, Pagans against Atheists, Liberals against Conservatives, Conservatives against Liberals, Big Endians against Little Endians…

You get the picture.

Maybe we should all just pull in our collective horns and go about our business.


the separation of church and state means you keep your bs beliefs away from my schools if i want my kids believing in a book that was written thousands of years ago from men who claim a spirit spoke to them and told them what to write then ill teach that to them my self stop trying to push your ideas on the rest of us

9-removed from site


   For him to have known she was homosexual, she would have had to have given it away somehow: a gesture, something said, gay pride apparel, etc.

If you read the article, which it doesn’t seem you did, you would have known that she went to the principal seeking assistance from the students that were harassing her for being a lesbian. That’s when she was berated by this “authority” figure.

Read the article you intend to comment on before commenting, it’s usually best.



“But I will point out that you’re also backwards about the Christians being the haters.”

I hate to disagree with you, but look around the message boards on this site. Every thread that has to do with homosexuals, abortions, or a dumb “witch” stabbing herself in the foot during a ritual is full of “hate” from so called Christians. I am not saying you personally. Christians are a most intolerable species. Christians have “hated’ on others ever since Constentine recognized them as a religion in the 4th century.


KMAZE- That must be quite an obligation to have the voice of God speaking so loud within you all the time repressing all your natural instincts like that. You know David Koresh also had the voice of God within him and we all know how he dealt with that.

As for limiting “tolerance” in the school, yeah, who would want school children to actually get along, learn the attributes of diverse cultures and religion and grow up to live in a more united, caring world. Surely Jesus wouldn’t approve of that.

While we are at it, why don’t we just reinstate the Inquisition, that way all of the xenophobes like yourself that believe that there is only one “right” or “true” way to live can stand on the ruin of progressive civilization and take us back to the dark ages! What a great idea!


   Intolerance will never lead to anything good. Why can’t churchy folk stop hating other people? Let your God judge, not you!

This is why I stopped going to church. Too many of the people I met (at more than one church), said one thing but did another–so hypocritical. It’s not enough just to talk the talk–you need to walk the walk!

I like Buddhism. It’s all about being a better person to reach nirvana. It has very little guilt and judgment in it.


ndy TX –

When I was a Christian, I never worried about someone scraping the Jesus fish off of my bumper or keying my car.

As an Atheist, I’ve had two “evolve fish” scraped off of my truck. One was broken into 4 pieces and left under my windshield wiper – just to make sure I got the point.

Remind me again, who is the hater?

I hope our children are strong enough to overcome the bigotry and hate they experience in school. It does take it’s toll, that I can assure you. Unfortunately, despite all that, many in this conservative Panhandle community still wonder what, exactly, Davis did wrong.



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