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All the Pretty Houses (Part II): Lifestyles of the Rich & Befuddled

architectural-digest.thumbnail.jpg Behold the grand foyer of John and Cindy McCain’s former home. This Phoenix mansion is 14,000 square feet, with 9 bedrooms, and 8 baths. Amenities include 2 guest houses, his and hers dressing cabanas, a spa, 3 ramadas (2 w/full bar set-up), a pavilion, a large lap pool, and a detached 7-car garage. It was a simpler life, unburdened by the real estate confusion that besets the senator today.


The couple lived at Stately McCain Manor for 20 years–starting after John left his first wife who only had one house. In 2006 they sold the mansion, possibly seeking to avoid the razzing that John Edwards endured on the campaign trail over his palatial home. The estate sold for a little over $3 million. The current owner who remodeled and presumably redecorated, now has it on the market for $12 million.

poolside-n-central-ave.thumbnail.jpg The couple later moved on to a 7000-square-foot condominium at 2211 Camelback Road, the golden glinting structure shown below, also in Pheonix–it was originally two condominiums, but they converted the two into one living space. Like regular Americans, the McCains buy in bulk to save money. We buy the big packs of toilet paper, they buy condos, but it’s the same principle. The luxury building has everything from biometric security to a zero edge roof top pool. The couple are also trying to unload a $730,000 loft that they bought for Meghan McCain as a graduation present.


When he’s in DC, John crashes at his pied-a-terre in Arlington, Virginia in the Crystal Gateway complex.

When the McCains want to get away from it all they head for their estate in Sedona. Actually, the compound is big enough to span two municipalities. The giant deck is perfect entertaining the DC press corps.

mccain_vid2.thumbnail.jpg But what do the McCains do when they want to get away from the cabin? The McCains also have two condos in La Jolla and two more in exclusive island enclave of Coronado, California.

Because what self-respecting gigolo‘s real estate portfolio would be complete without at least 1 unit in the La Playa Tower?

Let’s count ’em off by city: Phoenix (2), Sedona (>1), La Joya (2), Coronado (2), Arlington (1): >8. And those are just the ones that we can trace from the names that show up in public records. Who knows how many more Cindy and John have stashed away in trusts and overseas hamlets?

So, it’s obvious why McCain can’t keep them all straight. But, hey, who’s counting?

La Playa, Coronado

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Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein