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More McDonalds Debunking

Linda P. Harvey claims to be a Christian operating a “Media Ministry.” Her website Mission America is self-described as “Learn the Truth about Homosexuality, Witchcraft, Changing Christian Church, Radical Feminism, and the Youth Culture.” Most of the site seems to be dedicated to gay-bashing in one form or another. There is nothing there about helping the poor or downtrodden.

As I publish this article, I will give Ms. Harvey an opportunity to respond (I have). Perhaps she can enlighten us; While millions of children in the US are malnourished, under-educated and lacking in the most basic medical care, why dedicate so much time, effort and even bandwidth to the disparagement of gay people? Why spread hatred when she could be doing something good and positive?

I have no idea, whatsoever, what the Radical Homosexual Agenda is. If a desire for fair and equal treatment – free of discrimination – is either radical or part of an agenda, then I confess to embracing it:

Harvey’s seven ‘fact’ and my response are here:…

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