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McCain’s Housing Crisis Worsens; Campaign Responds With References To Vietnam, Hawaii, 9/11

mccainopoly.jpgIt appears the McSame campaign is having difficulty, erm, managing McSame’s "I have no idea how many houses I own" gaffe. The level of whining and shrieking is an indication of just how bad a day it’s been for Multimansion McSame.

First, the campaign hastily played the Hawaii/arugula/bitter card while tossing in the fact that the Obamas made $4 million last year. Ooops. They forgot that McSame had previously defined that income as middle class.

Then, the RNC screamed "Rezko!" Like we haven’t heard that before.

And finally, McSame mouthpiece Brian Rogers played always effective POW card:

"This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years — in prison."

So in addition to having free rein to cheat on their wives, POWs aren’t required to know how many houses they own.

Getting a little desperate over there, I’d say.

[Graphic courtesy of Phoenix Woman.]

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