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Lieberman To Speak At Republican Convention

I’d say it’s semi-official:

A Republican official tells The Associated Press that Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman will be speaking at the Republican National Convention.

The GOP official said Wednesday that Lieberman would deliver a speech as Republicans gathered in St. Paul to nominate John McCain for president. The official requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to make an announcement.

Lieberman was the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee but is now an independent. He has been one McCain’s strongest supporters and is considered a contender to be McCain’s running mate.

"Running mate?" Well, Rove and Hannity are cool on the idea and despite their Joe love, they think he’d make a better Secretary of State (per Think Progress).  But they hate McCain anyway, so who gives a shit what they think, right?

In the end the idea of all that free press is, I fear, just going to be too seductive for media whore McCain — and there isn’t a single thing Joe Lieberman believes in more than Joe Lieberman.  So I’m sure any position he has that might be troublesome to the GOP base will be whipped off for Big John faster than a pair of edible panties.

He didn’t put in all that Hagee time for nothing. 

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