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Wingnuts Uncover Subversive America-Hating Symbolism On DNCC Badges

443138419_b1ccbac509_m.jpgFrom the crowd that gave us the "Obama took the flag off his plane!" lie, their latest, greatest effort — discovering the hidden meaning in the graphics on the DNCC credentials.

You see, wingnuttia has decided that the badges picture, not Obama wearing a blue shirt with stars in front of a background of red and white stripes as the badge clearly shows and the DNCC insists — but an American flag (da-dah-DUMMMMM!) — upside down!

Sister Toldjah sees right through this devious Democrat trickery.

Both the DNC and the Obama campaign: Counting on the American people to be too stupid to see through their shameless attempts at spinning the truth.

Asks Newsbusters’ Rusty Weiss,

The first question that arises is why would a man who once refused to wear the American flag on his lapel, be interested in sporting a patriotic shirt, overflowing with stars?

Actually, the first question that arises, Rusty, is how you managed to type that sentence with your head so far up your ass.

And Michelle Malkin’s pool boy Ed Morrissey spits,

Maybe the DNCC isn’t familiar with Old Glory.

Calm down, wingnuts. The DNCC’s badge is not an upside down flag.

This is.

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