Everybody is on the move.

For those keeping score at home get out your scorecards and make the following changes:

Kevin Drum is leaving The Washington Monthly and taking his deck shoes over to Mother Jones. Taking Kevin’s spot at WM is Steve Benen from The Carpetbagger Report and hilzoy from Obsidian Wings.

As you may have noticed  the lovely and brilliant Lindsay Beyerstein (of Majikthise) has taken over the Campaign Silo here at FDL.

Matt Yglesias left the The Atlantic for Think Progress. Also leaving The Atlantic was the ability to comment on Ross Douthat’s blog which were an endless source of delight, like listening to the really good hecklers on open mike night at the Komedy Kastle

Roy Edroso is at The Village Voice

Me, I’m still here (and would it kill some of you to fix your bookmarks?). I’m not going anywhere unless that job as Megan Fox’s pool boy opens up, in which case you’re on your own.


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