The city of Dallas has responded to formal complaints of discrimination by launching an investigation of Crews Inn, a bar that has chosen to ban transgendered customers one night a week.

A month after Crews Inn co-owner David Moore temporarily banned drag queens and transgender women from his bar if their appearance does not match their ID, protests continue and two formal complaints against Crews Inn are under investigation by the city.

This week, the Dallas Fair Housing office responded with a five-page letter to Ivana Tramp and Celeste William’s claims that Moore discriminated against them for being transgender on July 15. The letter outlines the review process for the complaint and says a final decision should be reached within 100 days.

Last month, owner David Moore banned entertainers and transgendered customers because, “Drag queens act like they are divas and think they can’t do no wrong.”  Pending the results of the investigation, Crews Inn could be fined or subject to other penalties.

Also, no word yet as to whether Mr. Moore has successfully removed the stick lodged in his ass.




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