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A friend turning 40 and FREAKING OUT….any advice?

This from another thread… must ‘publish’ it. Can anyone relate?

WOW…I am like totally freaking out about turning 40, this week.  I always said 40 was like my half way point…Like Life half over kind of thing.

I simply refuse to grow up.  My brain tells me I am still 18 and I guess that explains the 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, 8 computers, and 2 laptops.

I do grown up things like read books, like Stephen King( Hey if you haven’t read all 7 of the Dark Tower Book Series then You don’t know that every book Mr.King has ever written, ties into the Dark Tower) I also listen to quite a bit of music.  My CD library is well over 3000 CD’s and my i-tunes claims most of my space on my hard drive now.  It is considered grown up to have a well rounded taste in music, right…RIGHT!!! I mean the Jonas Brothers have a grown up flavor.  

Cartoons are more mature these days…I mean Invader Zim, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Chowder and Flapjack all have redeeming social context that adults apply to their everyday lives, right?  And Anime is like so freaking adult I can’t even know where to begin.  Gatchaman: Battle of the Planets has got to be the best, Or Blood +, Hellsing, Elfien Lied, Gilgamesh, Afro Samurai, Last Exile, FLCL, Samurai Jack, Noein, Ghost in the Shell, and OMG Speed Grapher and who could forget Loveless!!!

Well maybe it will be ok…he settles down a bit.

I own a house and 3 acres of land, that is kind of a grown up thing too!  I have Patrick Nagle(OMG THAT IS SO 80’s) …running looking for grown up art…WHEW..I have Maxfield Parrish, that is kind of grown up right..RIGHT???

I also have some art from my Uncle who was Photographer for Playboy in the 1950’s and 60’s.

I refuse to grow up..I still go in the toy store looking for Halo Action figures, Spawn and Dragons by Todd McFarlane.

Maybe I should shave off my soul patch, put on that 4-piece suit and work 9-5 selling it for the man…NO FREAKING WAY..they will have to pry my Godzilla Action figure from my hands before I do that.

All of sudden cars like the BMW M3, Nissan GT-R, Audi TT Coupe, Acura Advanced, Aston Martin, or the Corvette Blue Devil are calling to me.

Heck even the BMW S1000RR Sport Motor Bike.

But then…..

Maybe I should tan more, dye my hair, pull out my leather pants put on my piano slim tie( those are kewl right) or put on my ascot.( Hey the Jonas brothers are doing that now and they are hip right?)

Going through trunks of clothes only reveals Ocean Pacific and Panama Jack Tee’s and Parachute pants..Hey there is that Duran Duran Concert Jacket…OMG I need a new Wardrobe.

Hey Philips Norelco Promises me I can go through a second Puberty if I just use their product.  So I bought it, now I am almost bald everywhere. Hey maybe I can use some hair from there and put it on top of my head here…That looks natural right(people have curly and straight hair on their head right?)No I am not going bald, I just like manscaping!…here is their it and tell me what I might be doing wrong! Darn it I want that Second Child hood!

Wow is it hot in here?? or is it just me??

Why did someone just hand me 4 books on mid-life crisis?  Why is print so small these days making it hard to read(Glasses?? I don’t need no Glasses…One eye see’s like an eagle and the other a mole, so I have like perfect vision right?)

Ah, look 2 nice men dressed in white are coming with a nice white jacket, wait why are the arms on backwards?

We are all trying to commiserate…except for all the points where we agree.  I happen to like Yaoi better than just Anime, and do not do Action Figures. Here’s this from a 30’s something.

Please send this piece to a magazine for publishing. Its totally ingenious. And then come hang out with me and teach me about all that pop culture that I know NOTHING about. I hate being out of the loop. You’re going to be fine. 40 is nothing. Totally hot. Totally young. Think about it…girls don’t even begin peaking until 40.

Oh, now that guy I really LOVE!  .. What a line Huh!  …forget it gals he’s gay.

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