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Ukraine Baits the Bear While Condi and Dubya Do Nothing

This is the stuff that makes me want to claw my eyes out:

Meanwhile, Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine’s president, has said he had requested urgent talks with Moscow on the Russian navy’s use of Sevastopol, a Ukrainian port, as the base for its Black Sea fleet.

Ukraine had said on Thursday it would make Russia seek official permission for movements of its warships based in the former Soviet state despite Moscow’s objections.

Repeat after me "this is a treaty violation and the Russians can use it as a pretext to break the treaty acknowledging Sevastopol as yours. Are you sure you can win a war with Russia? Really sure? This is not an academic question."

In a sane world, the US president or Secretary of State, or National Security Advisor would be on the phone telling Yuschenko to STFU, wait 9 years, and kick the Russians out then. And it would be a "frank conversation".

Instead we have this (h/t Sean-Paul):

Ukraine has agreed to take part in a missile defence system designed by the United States to protect Western countries. The government in Kiev defended its decision for military co-operation with the West, saying Russia cancelled a bilateral treaty with Ukraine earlier this year.

A few days ago, Poland and the United States reached agreement on the siting of missiles on Polish territory. These, together with radar installations in the Czech republic, make up the missile shield. Russia is fiercely opposed to the defence system and has threatened retaliatory measures.

I’m sick of people doubling down against Putin when they have trash in their hands. Don’t bait the bear unless you’re sure you have the upper hand.

Best case scenario: Russia simply ignores the Ukranians on Sevastopol. "Want a veto over our fleet movements? No. There, we’ve discussed it. Are you willing to escalate by using force to make us? Go ahead, we could use a causus belli."

Isn’t Russia supposed to be Condoleezza "no one could have anticipated" Rice’s area of academic specialization? Would it be too much to ask that she provide some of that so-called adult supervision for once in her pathetic, boot-licking life?

(Yes, I know. Simple answers to simple questions. Yes, it would be too much to ask.)

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Ian Welsh

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