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The Obama-McCain Faith Smackdown, Part III.

1341540045_1455e1825e_m.jpgMcSame just refused to define what upper and middle class was in actual terms. Amazing. Though he finally copped to saying "rich" meant "$5 million a year." That’s a campaign ad, Obama people. Contrast that with Obama’s very direct answer. Not very straight-talky.

Let’s see if he can get to the end of the hour without mentioning being a POW or David Petraus or saying "my friends." So far, Obama’s won the night.

And let me add — I fucking hate Rick Warren.


It’s over.

McSame mostly did okay until he started rambling about Russia, and then he was totally incoherent. That’s big, because that issue is supposedly why he’s "won the week" — and Obama didn’t even get that question. If there was a lost opportunity for him, that was it. He didn’t offer any meaningful response to Russia and just lamely talked about humanitarian aid. He blew it.

Most annoying to me, McSame refused to define what rich is and what middle class is. Warren asked this for a reason, and McSame weaseled it. Obama, who gave a very direct answer, looked like the straight-talker.

Obama wins the night, by a big margin. 

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