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Response to article on manhunt destruction of gay culture

I read this article, and I yawned. My brain is yearning for intellectual oxygen, a breath of fresh air. But alas, it is not here. It is effortless and self serving to write such expositional drivel. Maybe, instead of rehashing the trite, overused metaphors and obvious downfalls of gay online dating, one can provide solutions. Maybe, just maybe, manhunt is so popular because one connects to another on a contemporary, accessible level.

This is why I state that it is up to us to bridge the gap, to relate to gay youth and peers.

We are in dire need of a youthful, compelling, intriguing source that provides solutions in a sexy, interesting way. While I appreciate the time and effort it took to compile facts and the writer’s effort to relate to his audience by divulging his own usage of manhunt, it is not enough.

We need creative, and riveting writers who speak from a pulpit that is deeply rooted in the oversexed, sarcastic, quixotic minds of our youth. This writer is knowledgeable and also humorous, contemporary, sexual, commercial.

The problem is not manhunt. The problem is the alternative. There will always be another manhunt. We, as the holders of popular mediums [web, TV, magazines], owe it to our audience to create a captivating solution.

It is up to the media to convey, in postures and attitudes, what is sexy and cool. Advertisement is warfare. How do we combat this inundation? Maybe it’s possible to be sexy AND intellectual, in a cool way? gasp

I often wonder why advertisers and marketers don’t write articles. They radically and constantly devise innovative ways keep us interested in seemingly mundane topics. This article is a small step, but is not enough.

If you agree, or disagree, hop on over to my fun fabulous soap box,

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