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Whose Fault?

Larry King, fifteen, was shot quite dead at school last year by a classmate who didn’t like to face the reality that King was gay.

Rather than put the blame where it belongs – on his murderer – King’s parents are suing his school because administrators “permitted” him to show up in drag.

Of course, if the administrators had not done so, they’d’ve been sued by the ACLU.

The fault for King’s death is immediately on the shoulders of his killer, Brandon McInerney. In a broader sense it’s on those who believe bigotry, homophobia and weasel phrases such as “hate the sin, love the sinner” are acceptable. Thus, in addition to McInerney, I blame Fred Phelps, James Dobson, Jim Hartline and every other hateful, twisted wretch that gives courage to the troglodytes among us.

This might include King’s own parents, who very clearly didn’t understand their son. At all.

Crosspost from my pit of hellish godlessness.

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