One tin soldier rides away

Think I paid too much for this new Weber?

Gun Counter Gomer, the von Clausewitz of Chigger Creek, reminds the people at Think Progress that their Stratego skillz are not up to snuff:

McCain was perfectly precise with his choice of words to describe the current crisis, just as he was when he described Iraq as the first major conflict since 9/11, leaving out Afghanistan precisely because it wasn’t a major conflict, but a campaign waged primarily via special forces teams incorporating with indigenous forces and air support.

Of course, no one at Think Progress understands the first thing about the military other than the mention of them gets their spit glands revved, so that is hardly surprising.

Yeah. Leave it to the experts:

Bob Owens is the author of the daily political blog, Confederate Yankee, according to which he has been "a day laborer, college freshman composition instructor, car salesman, sports writer, web designer, and technical writer, just to name a few."

If you weren’t a blogger, what other occupation(s) would you consider?

I would have been a soldier. My left knee, operated on once already and still problematic, refused to co-operate. My high school guidance counselor suggested the Forest Service, which would not have been a bad choice, but I wouldn’t mind being a hunting or fishing guide, either.

At which point I was reminded of this:

I am not a violent person, nor would I be very good at violence if I were. But if I am ever anywhere that one of these clown shoes pulls a stunt like this, all those hours of watching MMA [mixed martial arts] are finally going to pay off.

This is why terrorists are constantly "emboldened" to attack us.

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