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John McSame and the Limits of Cowboy Diplomacy

Anyone worried that George Bush will burn the house down before we get the chance to take the matches out of his hand will not find any comfort in Jonathan Landay’s dispatch today. Evidently Bush promised naval forces would deliver aid to Georgia without getting approval first from Turkey, our NATO ally who controls access to the Black Sea. And US-based hospital ships are weeks away:

"The president was writing checks to the Georgians without knowing what he had in the bank," said a senior administration official.

Andrew Sullivan weighs in on that little glint McCain is getting in his eye at the thought of Presidentin’ a war (which he already seems to be doing, at least in his own mind):

What Americans have to decide is whether, after the last seven years, this kind of with-us-or-against-us crusade against enemies near and far is the right approach to the current crisis, or whether it is part of the reason we are already in so deep.

It was terrifying after 9/11 when we had a yahoo President saying he wanted to "smoke them out of their holes" and everyone applauded. If people were thinking that now might be a good time to repent for that sin and scrutinize John McCain’s rootin’ tootin’ cowboy approach to international diplomacy a little more critically, I’d concur.

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