Urge the Census Bureau to Recognize Legal Same Sex Marriages

This is an urgent Action Alert forwarded from The National Council of Jewish Women. They have launched an e-mail drive to urge the Census Bureau to count same-sex marriages and are asking for help.

Interactive form letter here

Form letter to copy and e-mail below the fold. Please take a few minutes to help the NCJW fight for our right to have our marriages recognized!Urge the Census Bureau to Recognize Legal Same Sex Marriages

Every ten years, the Constitution mandates that a census be taken to accurately count and characterize the people that make up our nation. This critical information is used to make decisions at every level of government and impacts the daily lives of everyone living in the United States in innumerable ways.

Recently, a US Census Bureau announcement made it clear that ideology threatens to impact the accuracy of the 2010 census. The bureau has declared that it will not report same-sex couples who are legally married as married couples.

Census data collected from these couples will be altered to list their status as “unmarried partners.” The bureau’s decision to edit these responses cannot be justified by the quest for accurate demographic data, since it clearly obscures it. This discriminatory practice will not just distort marriage data but will result in the inaccurate reporting of many other statistics.

Contact the director of the Census Bureau to let him know that this offensive policy constitutes a blatant politicization of the Census and threatens the accuracy of this important information.  

Link to interactive form letter: herehttp://action.ncjw.org/campaign/census/i37d5u69q73ed63n?