This Is The Sound Of The Very Last Gang In Town

My mom emailed me the other day to make sure, of all things, that I saw the latest issue of Kerrang. That’s because my friend Benny’s band, The Gaslight Anthem, has been anointed by Kerrang as the best new band you’ll hear this year. (Benny’s aunt is my mom’s best friend.) Gaslight, indeed, is great: they did a Black Cat show a couple months ago with the Loved Ones that got even the weight-of-the-world D.C. hipster crowd fingerpointing and dancing. (Not just me! Four other dudes!) As it happens, they’ve got a new record out on Tuesday — buy it from Interpunk like I will — called The ’59 Sound that you should pick up if you want to hear what would happen if a Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen fronted a High Cost Of Living-era Clash. My only concern is that they didn’t title the record Gotham By Gaslight Anthem, but there are more albums in the band’s bright future.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman