Georgia On My Mind

Yes, that’s a lazy headline. Anyway:

Perhaps there are many things about the Georgia/Russia conflict that confuse you, since you probably have spent the last several years focused with myopic intensity on the Middle East and to a lesser extent South Asia, as well as on The Wire and Broken Social Scene and the Kills and Ultimate X-Men and whatever other pursuits your 20s have led you toward. If so, consult this cheat sheet put together by Dealbreaker that features the insights of best-friend Daria Vaisman, who spent many many years in Tblisi that she should have spent protecting me from my own worst instincts.

Is Russia trying to prove they’re a superpower here or are they just really annoyed with Georgia? 

 DV: "Both. What better way to flex your superpowers than to exhibit such unmediated annoyance? A geek may be just as angry as a bully in a schoolyard fight, but only one of them gets to show it."

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman