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Sean Hannity’s Sliding Moral Scale For John McCain’s Adultery

Via Scarce, an excellent illustration of IOKIYAR.

Conservatives like Hannity love to lecture us on their supposedly strict view of morality — that legal or moral transgressions should never be viewed through a contextual prism.

So when a poor person steals, they insist, society shouldn’t consider their poverty or shitty childhood or addictions. Right is right and wrong is wrong, they drone, and everything else is just lazy, lenient left-wing moral relativism.

This black and white paradigm, of course, never applies to Republicans, including the Republican nominee, who cheated on his wife and ultimately dumped her for his mistress.

Note how Hannity takes into account all kinds of mitigating reasons that McSame would heartlessly betray his disabled wife for a much younger, hotter sorority chick, who happened to be a politically well-connected beer heiress worth millions. Like the fact that he was a POW, for instance.

Because everyone knows that POWs have no choice but to ditch their wives and kids for a little stuff on the side when they return.


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