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While I was at the Rancid show, the Windy published this piece of mine surveying the different withdrawal plans on offer:

A wide range of options exist. On one end of the spectrum, some argue that the safest bulwark against a resurgence of sectarian-based instability will be to gradually reduce combat forces — but keep a robust U.S. military adviser presence in Iraq indefinitely, to assist the still-nascent Iraqi security forces.

On the other, a group of Democratic congressional candidates, advised by prominent military leaders, contend that a withdrawal must begin immediately and end with no residual force, though it does not specify a set date for ending the war. In between are a number of plans put forward by liberal or Democratic-aligned think tanks and foundations — and by Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign itself.

Now that’s an enticing lede, huh? OK OK sorry, Top Chef taught me to stand by my dish. But if we can’t laugh at ourselves, we cross the awful boundary from Asshole to Creep, don’t we?

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman