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If you thought Hillary threw the kitchen sink at Obama, it could have been much worse. Much.

Leaks, delays in strategy implementation, leaks, in-fighting, blame…too many aspects to cover when I am on the road with a mediocre net connection…follow the link and add your two cents.

From TPM Election Central:

Green’s piece already got a bit of attention when an advance copy  leaked out. But now that the actual memos are posted, there are buckets of new Penn sliminess to wallow in. Among the new revelations:

* Penn proposed targeting Obama’s lack of American roots — but also said the campaign could never do this publicly. Early accounts of Green’s piece note a key revelation: That in a memo on March 19, 2007, Penn explicitly proposed drawing attention to what he called (with a rather jarring oxymoron) a “very strong weakness” for Obama: “His roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited.”