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Let’s bring back the band

It looks pretty clear that having so many neocons on their lobbyist payroll is at least going to pay off for the Georgians in the one thing they have going for them — the well-compensated punditry that never pays for pushing the United States into one disaster after another.

The Georgian overreach, offset by the Russian over-reaction, has few heroes, just victims

Russia illegally attacked Georgia and imperiled a small and feeble neighbor. But by dispatching his own ill-prepared military to resolve a secessionist dispute by force, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has managed to lead his country down the path of a disastrous and ultimately self-defeating war.

And what’s the BIG reason to beat the war drum in order to side with Georgia? As ever, Bill Kristol is doing the spade work in turning a disaster people like he and Randy Scheuenemann encouraged, into a chance for some more of the lovely exploitation. You know this was coming from Bill Kristol:

But Georgia, a nation of about 4.6 million, has had the third-largest military presence — about 2,000 troops — fighting along with U.S. soldiers and marines in Iraq. For this reason alone, we owe Georgia a serious effort to defend its sovereignty. Surely we cannot simply stand by as an autocratic aggressor gobbles up part of — and perhaps destabilizes all of — a friendly democratic nation that we were sponsoring for NATO membership a few months ago.

Try and assert and protect (diplomatically) Georgia’s sovereignty, but let’s not pretend the question of South Ossetia is so clear-cut. But to neocon and original Kagan family member, Robert, nobody needs to even THINK about how all this got started. Nevertheless, this was a preventable disaster, what needs to be done is to keep it from getting out of control. To do otherwise is what bellicose simpletons — or those who exploit them would do — cue Bill Kristol.

UPDATE: One more thing, if what is going on seems familiar to those of you with a sense of American history that is greater than Lou Dobbs or any FoxNews talking head there are some historical parallels:

1836 to 1848
Georgia = Mexico
Russia = The United States
South Ossetia = Texas

It’s a rough parallel, but not inappropriate.

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