UPDATE: Here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch and Good As You:

UPDATE 2 (from Autumn): Below is an excerpt of the Focus On The Family Radio Broadcast of July 21, 2008. In the broadcast, Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. James Dobson discuss how awful an Obama candidacy is. The excerpt below covers what they believe an Obama presidency would mean to the “gay activist agenda.” (Link to whole July 21st broadcast here.)

When one combines what Focus On The Family‘s Dr. Dobson said on July 21st with what Focus On The Family‘s Stuart Shepard requesting that Focus On The Family‘s Signal viewers pray for God to intervene with rain during the Democratic National Convention, Shepard’s call for prayer takes on a little more meaning than just “boyish humor.” (Dr. Dobson speaks first in the audio excerpt.)


Stewart Shepard, a producer of the Dobson cult  focus on the family, is asking folks to pray to god for rain on the night Senator Barack Obama makes his acceptance speech for the Democratic Convention in Colorado on Aug. 28. Of all things to pray for…..see Keith Olbermann’s

on it.

Stuart Shepard made the prayer request in his latest Internet video for the evangelical Christian group.

He says he’s only partly joking.

“Sure it’s boyish humor perhaps to wish for something like that, but at the same time it’s something people feel very strongly about. They’re concerned about where he would take the nation,” said Shepard.

 That is truly incredible that you would ask your god  for something like this. Does this show how desperate the fundies are getting???


This “humorous” Stoplight video from Focus on the Family asks people to pray for “torrential, small-stream-flooding, an umbrella ain’t gonna help you rain” on a specific time and place.

No, not any of the California fires. Denver, over the stadium where Barack Obama is set to deliver his nomination speech, that very night.

The video is no longer available…if someone can find it, it’s ‘stoplight pray for rain’…please post. Maybe god found it in bad taste and pulled it off the internet, ya think?  




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