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BushCo’s Border Fence To Keep Out Illegals Being Built By Illegals

272546436_4edcb4b3e0_m.jpgI’m going to file this one under "shit about the Bush administration you couldn’t possibly make up."

Is it possible to build a border wall without the help of the very people it is intended to keep out?

That’s an open question all along the border, and especially in the Rio Grande Valley, where the wall is widely unpopular but is now becoming a reality…Valley longtimers have cracked wise about the barriers, saying they not only won’t thwart illegal immigrants intent on entering the country but that illegal labor will probably help build them.

People in South Texas know what the deal is. It’s happened before, after all.

In 2006, a fence-building company in Southern California agreed to pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants to build millions of dollars’ worth of fencing, work that included some of the border fence between San Diego and Mexico.

That’s embarrassing. But surely they’ve fixed the problem, right?

Asked whether a border wall could be built on deadline without illegal workers, Vaughan, with the general contractors group, told the Brownsville Herald in June: "It’s probably borderline impossible to be honest with you."

Oh well. Naturally, the wingnuts DO NOT THINK THIS IS FUNNY AT ALL.

"I just want the damn fence built. … I’ll let the Libs and the Intellectuals sit around and worry about irony," one poster wrote on a conservative Web site.


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