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$McCain > $Paris > $Obama

John McCain’s latest attack ad paints Obama, again, as the greatest celebrity in the world.  It’s a weird line of attack to constantly remind people how popular your opponent is, but what’s weirder is how it paints the picture of Obama as a wealthy elitist who can’t understand how tough times are on the average folks.

Most semi-interested political watchers know that John McCain’s doing all right financially, what with the seven or eight houses and the beer executive wife with the private jet.  McCain’s profile says his net worth is between $27-$45 million.  Obama’s listed at between $450 thousand-$1.1 million.  Is this line of attack fooling anyone?

Maybe.  “Low-info” voters might think senators are rich and not go beyond that.  Saying “McCain’s richer than Obama” might not have an effect.  Maybe people assume when you’re on every magazine cover, you’re rich.

But what about “McCain’s richer than Paris Hilton?”

Estimates of Paris Hilton’s individual wealth are difficult to verify, until she really does run for president.  Her dad’s worth $300 million, her granddad $2.3 billion.  But granddad donated 97% of his wealth to charity and dad promised to do the same. Paris may have only gotten $20 million.  Some random fan pages I found said she might be worth $50 million on her own, with her endorsements and fragrances and whatever else it is she sells.

John McCain’s trollop of a wife (his words, not mine, and I spared you the other one) Cindy is a money making machine.  She’s a high-level lieutenant in a major drug pushing operation and has a worth estimated at $100 million.

I only went to public school, but I believe ($145,000,000 McCains) > ($50,000,000 Paris) > ($1,100,000 Obamas).

John McCain.  Richer than Paris Hilton, but not quite as smart.  See you at the debates, bitches!

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