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The Latest Aniti-Obama BS

This started on WND and now it’s here:…

They used the GA from Gaza so it makes it look like it’s legal and then for the zip code it says ‘972,’ which is actually the area code to dial over to Gaza,” she contends.

Yes, these contributions exist and, yes, they are over the limit:…

The fact is that the campaign is not responsible for the information submitted to the FEC – which is generated by the on-line form. The donor selected “GA” from the dropdown list and input the inaccurate zip code. The campaign has no control over who can make contributions on-line.

Moreover, the donor would have to lie about US citizenship or they would be unable to subit the form.

There is absolutely no effort by the Obama campaign to obfuscate the transactions. Disclosure is the primary obligation of the campaign – one they met.

The law is clear (emphasis added):

No candidate or political committee shall knowingly accept any contribution or make any expenditure in violation of the provisions of 11 CFR part 110.

The campaign will have to return these funds but it’s a non-issue.

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