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One more “Family Values” politician indicted for sex crime…

“State rep charged with assaulting teen

By Tony Messenger



Copyright 2008, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri state Rep. Scott Muschany, R-Frontenac, was indicted today in connection with a reported sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl on May 17, the day after this year’s Legislative session ended.

The alleged victim is the daughter of a state employee. The girl’s mother and Muschany — who is married and has two children — were romantically involved, the woman said.

A Cole County grand jury returned an indictment today charging Muschany with the Class C felony of “deviate sexual assault.” The indictment identifies the victim only by initials. It says that on May 17, Muschany “had deviate sexual intercourse” with the girl, “knowing that he did so without” her consent. ”

…. 21 paragraph snip, containing a lot of detail…followed by this classic final sentence:

“In 2006, Muschany was a co-sponsor of legislation that toughened sex offender laws. ”

Even if the politician is innocent of child sexual abuse, he still has some ‘splainin’ to do about the extramarital hanky-panky.

Never ever marry a Republican politician! Think a few hundred times before marrying a Democratic politician!

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