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McCain Volunteers Cindy for “Miss Buffalo Chip” Pageant at Sturgis


“I was looking at the Sturgis schedule and noticed that you have a beauty pageant and so I encouraged Cindy to compete,” McCain said to cheers from the (mostly male) crowd. “With a little luck, she could be on the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”

Which raises the question: does he know about the Miss Buffalo Chip pageant — or not?

The “Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant – Bikinis on the Beach” was described by Jim Caple of EPSN as "essentially a topless beauty pageant. And occasionally bottomless, too."

I guess nine-houses-a-job-for-his-son-and-a-jet-plane buy you absolutely no respect at all.

{h/t commenters CTuttle and Loo Hoo}

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge