Over at Swampland, Karen Tumulty says that Beltway types are all aflutter about Evan Bayh for the VP slot because of his hard-hitting performance against Joe Lieberman on Fox News recently.

Aside from the fact that Bayh accepts the Republican/Lieberman premise that the war is "winnable," he’s in a pretty poor position to make the argument that John McCain, Joe Lieberman and George Bush were wrong on the war because he was too. As Teddy noted yesterday, Bayh not only supported the war, he was an honorary co-chairman (with Lieberman and McCain) of the Committee to Liberate Iraq,  a group whose non-Senatorial members included Bill Kristol and James Woolsey.

Talk about ceding the high road.

And speaking of the low road — Lieberman was on WPLR radio yesterday for an interview with Chaz & AJ. Evidently Joe was conducting the interview on the toilet, and the sound of flushing could be heard in the background.

Fans of the show might want to call in and tell them to relive the glory (they make note of it on their website and are known for "beating a gag to death," according to one of their loyal listeners.)

Joe yammering on the shitter. That would certainly give the Fox & Friends crowd something to chat about, eh?

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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