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Welcome to Pam's House Blend's 2008 DNC coverage!

The Blend is one of only two LGBT-focused blogs credentialed to cover the Democratic National Convention.

Our baristas represent a great deal of diversity and perspectives. I blog out of North Carolina, the other Blend contributors have home bases in San Diego, New York, DC, Oregon, and Miami. We have former military service members behind the counter in the coffeehouse, as well as the only transgender blogger credentialed to cover the convention, Autumn Sandeen.

So it’s a big responsibility to do a great job representing all of the diverse facets of the Blend at this historic convention.

The Blend coverage features:

* interviews

* a photo and video gallery

* podcasts

* daily live chats

* Twitter updates

* exclusive PHB Facebook Group updates (join here if you’re not in the Facebook coffeehouse)

* RSS feeds

…and a lot more to bring you information you won’t see on the mainstream media.


About Us

You can read our bios here:

Pam | Email

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Daimeon | Email

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Terrance | Email

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Many thanks to all of you who chipped in to help send the baristas to Denver.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding