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Oklahoma: death penalty sought in murder of gay man

Darrell Lynn Madden is accused of kidnapping and brutally slaying Steven Domer, 62, and faces the death penalty if convicted of the crime. He already faces life for killing another man who may have been involved in the murder of Domer. (365gay):

Friends said that Domer sometimes picked up other men for sex. Witnesses said that Domer was seen talking to two men the night he disappeared.

Investigators then began probing whether anyone known to be gay lived in the area where Domer’s body was found.

That led them to Darrell Lynn Madden, 37. Madden at the time was facing a murder charge in connection with the slaying of his friend Bradley Qualls. Qualls was murdered about 10 days after Domer disappeared.

Madden and Qualls have been described as skinhead and white supremacists.

Police say that both Madden and Qualls were involved in the Domer murder. They allege that both Madden and Qualls were connected to the United Aryan Brotherhood, a violent white supremacist group.  But investigators also claim that Madden is bisexual.

In an affidavit by Madden’s roommate, the murder of Domer was intended to be some kind of initiation for Qualls — that finding a victim who “wouldn’t fight back” was going to be sought out for the act.

Oklahoma doesn’t have a hate crimes law that covers sexual orientation.

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