Image of the Presidential face leech and defender of “family values” is via the Michele Bachmann Fun Page. — Pam

Ya gotta love it…she’s gone even crazier, if that is possible.

Now Shrub-hugging Michele is saying that Dems will never pass the tax credit for solar and wind power, the same bill that the repugs have been blocking!  She rattles off on how irresponsible the Dems are to Laura Ingraham on her radio show.


Declaring that the Congressional Democrats are “so strange,” Bachmann then claimed that they wouldn’t “pass the tax credit for solar and wind,” despite being “the big solar/wind people”:

   BACHMANN: Oh, without a doubt, without a doubt. What we want to do is accomplish the people’s mission, which is open up every source of energy there is. They’re so strange Laura, they won’t even pass the tax credit for solar and wind right now. I mean, they claim to be the big solar/wind people, they won’t even pass that.

Oh yeah…that and she voted against it before:

In fact, when the House passed the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act of 2008 in May, Bachmann voted against it, along with the majority of House Republicans. The bill was then filibustered by Senate Republicans in June.

What an asshat!