Ain’t Coming Back

Should I say something about Manny Ramirez? I’ve sort of said my piece. It’s nice to not have to contend with him in the AL. Jason Bay hitting behind Mike Lowell (there’s your Papi-protection I guess) hitting behind Ortiz sounds like a solid choice on Terry Francona’s part. If Bay could elevate a crap team like Pittsburgh, there’s no reason he’ll crumble in Boston. Even J.D. Drew became a postseason Red Sox hero.

Meanwhile, Pettitte got the daylights knocked out of him last night against Anaheim and tonight it’s Ponson against Ervin Santana. Cry the beloved country. I just got through the Holland Tunnel — it’s 10 to 6 as I write this, but it’ll be 8 pm by the time you read it — and I’m going to take my mom to a movie and we’ll be commisserating about the endlessly respooling blooper reel that is Sidney Ponson’s career, in and out of pinstripes.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman