31 Aug 2008

Diddy: “John McCain Is Buggin’ the F*#k Out”

PDiddy vlogs that Sarah Palin is not experienced enough to be a "heartbeat away" from the oval office, and suggests that Michelle Obama would have been a better choice. Fuh real. (via Ari Melber)

31 Aug 2008

I got us reservations down at that new
Scottish restaurant over in Ochelata

The views of the Republican delegates on the issues, especially the economy, and on Mr. Bush are sharply at odds with voters generally. In mid-August, only 20 percent of voters said the economy was in good shape, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll of the nation.

31 Aug 2008

Late Late Nite: Mercy Now

Mary Gauthier –  Mercy Now.

What’s on your mind tonight?

31 Aug 2008

Cindy McCain on Palin: she's qualified because 'Alaska is close to Russia'

It’s time for the GOP to fold its tent and go home. Some free advice: do not send Cindy McCain out on the Sunday talk shows to defend Sarah Palin (via Sully): All the Obama campaign needs to do is air this one over and over. How far has the

31 Aug 2008

Hurricane Gustav Bears Down On Coast, Shutting Down 25% Of US Oil Production

Gustav is running at 115 miles an hour and expected to hit the coast at around that speed. It looks like New Orleans may miss the worst of the Gustav. The current forecast is showing that Gustav will probably miss it, but there’s still a 43% chance of sideswiping it hard enough that levees might be over-topped or fail. Levies have still not been adequately rebuilt since Katrina. Even with New Orleans being missed, southern Louisiana can still expect to be devestated.

31 Aug 2008

GOP: McCain must win to protect us from acts of God and terrorism

Yes, people they went there, it’s the new version of the terror alert — John McCain will protect us from hurricanes. Republicans are already citing Hurricane Gustav as a major reason why voters should pick Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) this fall. Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) made the case Sunday that

31 Aug 2008

Obama will visit Gulf Coast when doing so does not divert first responders from needed preparations

Via the Wall Street Journal: Barack Obama said a storm like Hurricane Gustav raises “bipartisan concerns” and it’s “fine” that John McCain visited Mississippi’s emergency operations center Sunday morning. But he reiterated his worry that the security required for either presidential candidate could divert local law enforcement and other personnel

31 Aug 2008

Judgment, Experience, Honor, Country: McCain’s Epic Palin Fail

Presidential candidates have a single task to perform expertly between securing their party’s nomination and Election Day: the choice of a running mate. All else is politicking and speechifying. (And, by the way, wasn’t our guy’s speech just swell?) Debates and photo-opportunities are fine for Villagers and other rubes who read into them all kinds of sillliness.

31 Aug 2008

Beware the potential Zogby spin – it may not be accurate

crossposted with Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters My prayers go out to those who are affected by Hurricane Gustav. And I think that McCain made a good decision to make changes to the Republican National Convention. But I echo Obama's sentiments – hopefully those in charge will do better than they

31 Aug 2008

The AFA targets Planned Parenthood Teen Website

The AFA, in their latest whine, now accuse the government of abusing tax dollars by creating a website that promotes sex, homosexuality, and abortion for teens. Planned Parenthood’s new site, Take care down there.org is an educational site trying to relate to teens in order to promote respect for their