Apparently he went to or sent someone to San Diego Pride.  There were plenty of horrors for him or his operative to witness.  Just listen to how awful it was (emphasis mine):

This exhibitionist running a booth in the pornographic “Freedom Zone” at the recent San Diego Gay Pride festival was masturbating and playing with himself in public as people looked on. No security officials were called in to stop him in the roughly half hour AFTAH reporters were there as he continued to fondle himself.

How did they survive this travesty?  It must have been even worse at SF’s Up Your Alley festival.  He or someone working for him had the terrible misfortune of seeing rimming, and was so offended that he had to post this picture on his site and was so offended that he forgot to censor it.  He now lives up to his “Porno Pete” nickname in a couple ways…




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