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McCain’s New Ad Compares Obama To Britney Spears, Paris Hilton

McSame’s promise to run an honorable campaign is holding up about as well as his wedding vows to his first wife.

His new campaign video can be roughly translated as "Obama is a girly weak vapid silly ditzy airhead, who likes to go shopping and do drugs and party and make sex videos and get sent to prison. Oh, and he won’t drill for oil and will raise your taxes." Or something like that.

But it’s hard for me to get riled up about this spot because it’s just so lame. It feels like someone in the McSame campaign is trying ever so desperately to imitate big bad Lee Atwater and they just can’t quite get it right. And they’re obviously too old and out of it over there to realize that Britney/Paris jokes are about 4 years out of date.

But these are the same media geniuses who put McSame in front of that schnitzelhaus in Akron or wherever the hell it was, so at least their tone-deafness is consistent.

It’s not hard hitting. It’s not edgy. It’s not "controversial." It just sucks.

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