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I’m starting to come around on this strict right to bear arms

I’m reading about how, if the members of the UU church had the right to carry concealed weapons, the guy with the sawed-off shotgun would never have gotten the first shot off. I remember reading how the airplanes were hijacked in 2001 because the passengers were prohibited from exercising their second amendment rights.

And it is all about self defense – in a broad way. Not only can you use that concealed firearm to protect yourself and your family, it also appears to extend to others in your church, or on your plane, or where ever you happen to be.

So I’m starting to see the beauty of universal concealed carry.Imagine some coming out of a bar and finding some abusive homophobe. When you and your queer buddies are armed, you can take that guy down before he lays a hand on someone.

Imagine coming out of wimmin’s space to a bunch of drunk and rowdy misogynists, threatening to convert you and your sisters to heterosexuality. With your handy pistol, you can take put an end to this threat of rape.

Imagine you’re leaving a transgender event, and some tough guys are ready to show their manliness by beating up some “shemales” and “faggots”. A few rounds from the firearms each of you carry should easily end that threat.

So yes, I’m coming around to the idea that “we” each have the right – and responsibility – to violently dispatch “them” before “they” harm “us”. With enough weapons, there could be enough bullets flying to protect everyone.

Gun Bless America.

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