I am speaking here as both an ally, and a supporter of INCLUSIVE ENDA.

A couple of people, in another thread with so many posts that it is bound to get lost, have posed the open question that the bathroom and locker room question is going to be used to tank inclusive ENDA.

I agree. But there is the bigger issue in ENDA that people need to work. Very few jobs actually require communal showers, and it is not so hard to work out. Ask any firefighter. ENDA is about employment and financial survival. People are going hungry (literally) or being forced to do things they would never otherwise do to survive. We are also too quick to forget those who reach such a point of despair that they don’t survive.  

So we need to work on practical, pragmatic solutions.Since Dyssonance has posted a thread addressing the deeper, underlying issues, which affect both ENDA and anti-discrimination laws, if everyone would not mind, I would like to focus this thread specifically on ENDA, and pragmatic solutions.

Regarding ENDA:

The only way that we are going to take the wind out of the hater’s sails on this is to put to rest the concerns of people who are concerned about the bathroom, locker room issue. Because it is those people who are not bigots and not haters, butworried about things like sexual predators trying to gain entry to bathrooms and locker rooms by claiming to be trans. Or are concerned about having to explain to their five year old why there is a woman with male genitals in the locker room at the public pool. Whether one agrees or disagrees with those concerns, they are irrelevant to ENDA. Realistically, neither of those things are valid concerns when it comes to ENDA, because it covers employment only. We have to get past those issues.

There are really two separate issues here: Fighting for inclusive ENDA and local or state anti-discrimination laws. Both are important. Both are literally a matter of life and death, but they are separate issues.

There may be solutions and compromises that will work for both; there may be some that will only work for in employment situations. There may be some that will only work outside of employment situations. But we need to get all our ideas for solutions on the table.

This thread is NOT for us to bicker in. It is not for us to argue about whether the assertions of people who want to keep transfolk out of their bathrooms and locker rooms are valid arguments.

Education is the long term solution for both issues, but we do not have time for it now. Both ENDA and several state wide anti-discrimination laws are going to a vote or to court too soon for use to educate enough people in time.

So lets brainstorm. Put all the ideas on the table, and we can discuss them and figure out what works. Right now, we need practical, pragmatic things that can be put into practice if and when ENDA and anti-discrimination laws pass, or they are never going to get passed.

Ideas? Solutions? Workable compromises? Lets get all the ideas together–even if it seems silly, or too obvious, put it out there. We can weed out that things that won’t work in practice later.

If you are on the other side of the locker room/bathroom debate, once we have come up with some workable ideas, voice your opinions on what compromises you would accept–we need your opinions here to, or we won’t know if our ideas will stand up to the opposition. HappyCat, if you would not mind, when we come up with what seem to be workable solutions, could you run them by you sister and brother in law and see if they would accept them?

Come on folks. Even if you have to cut and paste things you have said in other threads, lets get them all together in one place, stick to the problem at hand (so we don’t end up with good ideas getting lost in 250 plus posts), and lets figure this out.




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