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I was up in Connecticut a couple of weekends ago on a UHaul run (being one of those people who buys furniture on Ebay and worries about how they’re going to get home it later). Of course I had to have lunch with Ed Anderson, fellow veteran of the Ned Lamont race who is still in the business of mercilessly taunting all Republicans and Joe Lieberman in particular. Ed told me that he was headed for Minneapolis in August, where he had plans to unveil a 30 foot giant inflatable rat in honor of the Junior Senator from the state of Connecticut.

Now, most people who say such things might just be blowing smoke, but Ed has a history of making his…er…"artistic vision" manifest. Remember that Ed, along with CTKeith, created the infamous "kiss" buttons that inspired the classic float which dogged Lieberman throughout his 2006 race. He also famously showed up at a New Hampshire McCain rally sporting a sign that said "Bomb Iran! Vote McCain" before having one cocktail too many and putting Terry McAuliffe in a death grip.

So when Ed says he’s bringing a giant rat to Minneapolis, I take him seriously.

Looks like others do, too.

Stamford Advocate:

Some of the same Connecticut Democrats who stalked the senator on the re-election trail two years ago with the famous "kiss" float – a papier mache likeness of President Bush kissing Lieberman after the 2005 State of the Union address – are hoping to make a similar splash at the GOP fete Sept. 1-4.

If Lieberman’s detractors get their way, their prop would be a 30-foot inflatable rat, the kind unions typically use when construction workers cross picket lines.

Raw Story:

Anderson warns Lieberman not to show up at the convention, as he’s ready to apply for permits to put the inflatable rat outside the Xcel Energy Center, the convention site.

Yesterday Lieberman appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network and when asked about the GOP convention, he said "you might just see me there."

Go Ed (who has more on his new blog).

For nostalgia buffs, the YouTube above is from the July 4, 2006 Boom Box parade in Connecticut, where the Kiss Float appeared. Careful observers can spot CTKeith, Ed Anderson, Maura Keaney (now Jim Himes’ campaign manager) as well as me and the poodles, who were thought to be yet another float by children in attendance.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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