Why must everybody laugh at my mighty sword?

The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!

Godlstein the Lesser takes umbrage… lots and lots of umbrage… okay, actually a whole buttload of umbrage at the idea that people might possibly mock his merry band of semiotic warriors hard at work playing Dungeons & Denotations. He parries and thrusts:

I’d like to try to clear up some misconceptions, then, since I think either TBogg deliberately misprisions my comments, or is just plain moronic. First, a person may be multiply motivated. Intentionalism doesn’t deny it, and indeed, I argue against oversimplification in this case. Second, intentionalism doesn’t mean that one discards consideration of the credibility of the author, as ought to be quite clear from many of the interpretations served up here. Third, intentionalism doesn’t mean that there may not be a larger context available into which the author’s writing plugs; so for example if Elizabethan dramatist were too obviously topical, they could find themselves sent to Star Chamber, and they had to make such references oblique if they wished to escape censorship. In short, intentionalism doesn’t mean that the author means only what denotatively he states, as ought to be very, very clear from Jeff’s offerings.

Well, yeah, we kind of got that  since, for the past several years Godlstein the Elder has been riding that particular hobbyhorse until it was finally whittled down to a toothpick clenched between his butt-cheeks. But then, that wasn’t our point. But let’s roll the tape from earlier:

Now, as I’ve said, I don’t know much about this guy. I’ve never read a book by any of the three mentioned. Never had any interest, especially in Savage. From what I’ve heard from O’Reilly and Hannity, I’d say they were very pro-religious righties. Still, it seems to me that we are seeing, as commenters noted this morning, the creation of a meme that scrubs (to use the presently favored term) the possibility of anti-Christian sentiment from the meme because of the cognitive dissonance this sets up for lefties, who would rather see this as a symptom of the related clinging to religion and guns that one would naturally expect to find in backassward Tennessee.

Yes and no, since it seems to cut from both sides of the aisle as seen by this post by PW frequent commenter Serr8d who hails from Smyrna, just a hoot and a holler from Backassward TN:

Atheist madman kills two in Knoxville Church UPDATED

A church shooting today in Knoxville has claimed the lives of two worshipers.

The Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike in Knoxville was attacked by Jim Adkisson, a Powell resident, 58, a retired truck drive who lived alone and ‘hated Christianity’, according to his neighbors.

Otherwise, he was kind and helpful.

He used a shotgun, and was subdued by church members when he stopped to reload.

The FBI was investigating, in case this was a ‘hate crime’. Funny that; all murder is hate. And, Christians aren’t on the leftist’s ‘protected’ list.

"He had his own sense of belief about religion, that’s the impression I got of him," said neighbor Karen Massey. "We were talking one day when my daughter graduated from Bible college, and I told him I was a Christian, then he almost turned angry.

"He seemed to get angry at that."


Here comes the money quote.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he had an Obama sign in his front yard.
h/t insty

Now…wait for it…wait….waaaaiiiittt. Okay. Now. The (update):

So, the guy wasn’t so much an Obama fan. But, was he ‘just’ a guy out hunting lib’ruls? Not so much.

This is what’s called changing memes in middle of a stream.

For those who wish to disabuse themselves of the backassward yokel meme,  the rest of serr8d’s post is must reading.

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