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What Do Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity And Michael Savage Have In Common?

sean hannity
Jim David Adkisson, the right wing terrrorist whose rampage left 2 dead and 7 wounded Knoxville, was a fan of all three.

The vitriol these three have hurled at progressives over the years is sickening. Hannity wrote a book equating liberalism with terrorism. O’Reilly invited a terrorist attack on San Francisco. And Savage accused "the homosexual mafia" of "raping our children’s minds."

But these examples, as bad as they are, really don’t tell the whole story. This poisonous rhetoric is spewed over our airwaves segment after segment, hour after hour, day after day. So it’s really not at all surprising that people like Adkisson could be pushed over the edge.

What’s surprising is it doesn’t happen more often.

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