Wait. Did I just say that out loud?

NRO Editor (…and let’s face it, they’re all "editors"  at NRO because Buckley gave out editorshps like breath mints in lieu of, you know, money) Rich Lowry  delicately explains how John McCain can use subterfuge to dazzle the masses with his sincerity and principles:

 McCain should absolutely unload on Stevens, and frame it as the sort of dysfunction and corruption in Congress that he has long railed against. A good way to get some indie cred without upsetting any conservatives.

Should McCain hold a press conference to express his antipathy for Stevens, I’ll put up 50 bucks to any enterprising journalist who keeps coughing "Keating…Keating" into his fist while McCain speaks.

They may get excluded from the next McCain BBQ, but for fifty bucks they can buy their own damn ribs and chicken.

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