Just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in

I’m still on dog medical watch which has ramped up a bit since Beckham’s IBS/colitis/whatever has gone to Defcon 1 and…well, let’s just say that we are very pleased that we had those hardwood floors installed back in the spring. Tonight Beck gets no food and he’s giving me the same aggrieved look Jonah Goldberg used to give his mother when she wouldn’t let him eat the whole box of Ding Dongs. Tomorrow: a day spent at the vet.

Satchmo has his moments; some good (the ones that lift you up) and some bad (the ones that make you feel like your heart is breaking). We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m just spending my time on the bed with boys, reading books and snatching sleep when possible knowing that I will probably be up at midnight,  2am, 3:30am and on and on til the blue light of dawn.

I did feel that I should  point out that, up until Sunday morning, Jim David Adkisson ("…a loner who hates "blacks, gays and anyone different from him.”) probably could have landed a sweet gig at the Bush Justice Department.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....