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Maverick’s next big idea?

Bush and McCain HuggingThe Wire Service that Must Not Be Named is reporting that our old pal Maverick McMaverick is now saying that The Owner of Nope is probably, maybe sorta-kinda right about a phased-in 16 month withdrawl (how do we rework that old Vietnam-era joke… withdrawl is something that George Sr. should have practiced with Barb about 62 years ago) from Eye-Rack.

To quote that memorable "Office Space" character Bill Lundberg… "yeeeaah…" so what’s made our buddy McTorture (it’s like torture, but quicker and with fries) change his mind about leaving? Well, perhaps he read those dratted polls that indicate that something like every American who doesn’t think that Preznit Impaired shits in plastic bags with pink ribbons on them wants to get the hell out of Iraq, and get our men and women home sooner rather than later. I guess that it’s finally sinking in with Mr. Straight Talk that continuing the policies of the last seven point seven years is not a political winner. So let’s see what else he’s going to talk about next… further destruction of the financial industry by putting predatory lenders in charge of the Treasury? Making a high-placed contractor SecDef? Leaving Condi at State thus ensuring our reputation for colonial-power hubris into the next century and beyond?

It’s going to be interesting to see if McCain’s conversion to "timetables" is another senior moment, or if he’s going to try and sell "his base" on the idea that it’s good policy going forward. A commenter Leo, over at Matt Yglesias blog, pretty much puts it into a neat (and I think) correct context:

Ugh. As stupid as this sounds to people who have been following the campaign closely, I’m afraid it may be smart politics. There are a lot of people out there who hate McCain’s actual positions but have a gut loathing for democrats. If McCain takes essentially Obama’s position, then mischaracterizes Obama’s position using all kinds of right-wing buzz words that may be a more or less sound strategy. It lets people say there are no real policy differences, the election is about "trust." And who can trust an angry, naive, foreign-sounding, etc., etc.?

Posted by Leo | July 26, 2008 12:34 PM

Because nothing says complete right-wingnuttery like adopting your opponents positions and then mischaracterizing your opponent. It’s what the wingnuts do best and has the added value for them of being mistaken for "original" rational thought with the dittoheads and Faux News viewers.

I have to wonder what other things McVoodoo will be adopting/stealing next? He already tried to take Obama’s logo, he’s tried to grab the "Change we Can Believe In" thing and he’s got to have those overpriced lobbyists working on his next big thing.

I wonder if he’s ever read John Howard Griffin’s incredible book, "Black Like Me". Wait, I don’t want to give the poor old batshit crazy bastard any ideas. But hey, it would be the ultimate in political chutzpah, no?

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