She’s Amazing, Her Words Saved Me

Everyone caught Jane’s excellent Bloggingheads episode with Bruce Fein, right? Because it was excellent.

To be sentimental for a second, as the new guy here: I’m so in awe of Jane Hamsher. Look at what she built out of a hobby. Look at the amount of impact she’s had, from Plame to Libby to FISA. Look at how indomitable she is when under attack. I aspire to her fearlessness, her candor and her decency. The life she’s lived so far is a template for the one I’d like to have. I love this quote she gave to the New Haven Independent:

When she talks about how she broke into writing covering both politics and punk rock for the alternative San Francisco Bay Guardian in the late ’70s, it all makes sense. Blogging, she said, is the “new punk.” Anyone can do it. Anyone can plug in, make some noise, make a difference, and just blast away with an unceasing cascade of crescendoes.

Always remember: we can be the bands we want to hear. Always remember: let fury have the hour, anger can be power, d’you know that you can use it? Always remember: If you think I’m ever backing down or ever giving in, then you’ve got it all wrong, no you’ve got it all wrong, you’ve got it fucking wrong. Jane shows us the way. Happy birthday.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman