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Desperate Republican U.S. House candidate Chris Myers (NJ-3) on 'radical liberal bloggers'

The primary targets of this are the good folks at Blue Jersey, with the Blend receiving a cameo.  The Garden State blog has been giving pathetic House candidate Chris Myers grief, so he thought he saw an opportunity to slam the lefty blogosphere when Democrat John Adler gave praise to the evil netroots.

They are the new journalists, they are the new citizen soldiers in terms of activism, in terms of the spreading of information, the sharing of ideas… They’re such fantastic people, they’re good caring Democrats that really want to move our country forward.”

Very complimentary. Then Myers fired off this pathetic press release – “Myers Demands Adler Apologize to Troops, Veterans, Military Families for Web Video Comments.”  

Read and weep after the jump.

Myers Demands Adler Apologize to Troops, Veterans, Military Families for Web Video Comments

Adler referred to radical liberal bloggers as "the new citizen soldiers"  

Mount Holly, July 22, 2008-Decorated combat veteran and congressional candidate Chris Myers (NJ-3) today demanded that his opponent, career Trenton politician John Adler, apologize to United States active duty troops, veterans and military families for comments he made in a YouTube video posted on his web site.

In the video, entitled "John Adler: a progressive," Adler admiringly refers to radical liberal bloggers from the Daily Kos and other liberal blog sites as "the new citizen soldiers".  

The video can be found at Adler's campaign web site (, or on YouTube at the following link:…

"On behalf of our active duty military personnel and their families, and the tens of thousands of veterans living in the 3rd Congressional District, I am calling on John Adler to remove this video and apologize for his outrageous comments," said Myers, himself a former Navy Lieutenant and decorated combat veteran of the Persian Gulf War.  "These radical liberal bloggers are in no way, shape or form ‘soldiers,' and referring to them in that way is an affront to the brave men and women in uniform fighting to defend our freedoms around the globe, the veterans who have done so in generations past, and their proud families."

"A ‘citizen soldier' is a member of  the NJ National Guard who leaves his or her family to fight for our freedoms in Iraq or Afghanistan," said Myers.  "Not a radical, liberal blogger who spews angry partisan tirades from the safety of their home computer.  There is no defensible comparison."

Bahahahahahahahaha! The Adler campaign ridiculed the over-the-top rants from Myers:

The Adler campaign dismissed the criticism as "utterly ridiculous" Tuesday night.  Chris Russell, campaign manager for Myers, said the video shows Adler is out of touch with the people of the 3rd District, a swath of South Jersey that stretches from the Ocean County shoreline to the banks of the Delaware River. The district, home to almost 650,000 people, is currently represented by Republican Jim Saxton, who will retire at the end of his current term in January.  …"Here's a guy (Myers) who has nothing better to do with his time," said Steve Ayscue, an Adler spokesman. "He is against everything and stands for nothing in this campaign. We have yet to see one positive statement out of Chris Myers' mouth in this campaign from day one."  Ayscue said that while Adler has been talking about his vision for change, Myers has been engaged in what he characterized as the "slash and burn" politics employed by Karl Rove, the former political strategist for President Bush.  "And this time it's just silly; it doesn't even make any sense," Ayscue said.

BTW, here’s a link to Adler’s ActBlue page

The desperate Myers has given me another tasty endorsement for my sidebar, no? "A radical, liberal blogger who spews angry partisan tirades from the safety of their home computer."

His tidbit will go nicely with these:  

Marriage equality opponent David Benkof endorses the Blend, calling Pam a “nasty bitch.” (July 14, 2008)


The Christian Civic League of Maine‘s Mike Hein calls Pam’s House Blend:

“a leading source of radical homosexual propaganda, anti-Christian bigotry, and radical transgender advocacy.”

He is “praying that Pam Spaulding will “turn away from her wicked and sinful promotion of homosexual behavior.” (CCLM’s web site, 10/15/07)

Ex-gay “Christian” activist James Hartline on Pam:

I have been mocked over and over again by ungodly and unprincipled anti-christian lesbians.” (from “Six Years In Sodom: From The Journal Of James Hartline,” 9/4/2006, written from the “homosexual stronghold” of Hillcrest in San Diego).

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth Against Homosexuality heartily endorses the Blend, calling Pam:

A “vicious anti-Christian lesbian activist.”

(Concerned Women for America’s radio show [9:15], 1/25/07)

 “A nutty lesbian blogger.”

(MassResistance radio show [16:25], 2/3/07)

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